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Nest HQ

Lawrence Morgan

Resident interrogation captain and perfectionist.

Simon Squibb

Loves building businesses almost as much as his dogs.

Sui Yang Phang
Managing Partner, Hong Kong

Excel nerd and emerging wine connoisseur.

Kevin Bluer

Full-stack developer and instructor. Self-proclaimed geek.

Andrew Lim
Director, International Markets

Always open for soju.

Jess Cheung
Global Strategy Manager

Resident #fixitfelix, her secret power is multi-tasking.

Yvonne Tsang
Office Manager

10+ years in finance and accounting. Espresso addict.

Sophia Dang
Marketing Executive

Ice cream for matcha.

Nest Global

John Crane
Managing Partner, Bangkok

Elite martial artist with a talent for languages.

Aaron Fu
Advisor, Nest Africa

Has less than three degrees of separation with everyone he meets.

Ethan Pierse
Managing Partner, Paris

An American living in France, currently in Singapore.

Karen Winton
Managing Partner, London

Has her best ideas while running.

Jisoo Kim
Country Advisor, Korea

Along with having four academic degrees, he knows four languages.

Greg Experton
Country Advisor, Singapore

Doesn't believe in lunch.

Will Ross

Has a reverential and experimental vinyl collection.

Nest Ventures

Dennis Plomp

Always has the best view and never needs a ladder to reach high shelves.

Alyssa Aaron
Director of Investment

Appreciates sarcasm. Fixated by silly putty.

Julia Chan
Investment Analyst

Laughing is the best form of therapy.

Jennifer Carver
Investment Advisor

Investment professional taking any opportunity to dance and ski.

Nest Innovation

Niamh Given
Chief Growth Officer

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Justin Kung
Programme Manager

Will watch literally any football (soccer) that’s on.

Minhaj Adil
Associate Director, Africa

Listening to the blues and classical rock.

Tiffany Wong
Programme Manager

Hard work should be rewarded by good food.

Alex Chatpaitoon
Programme Coordinator, Bangkok

Believer in yoga but devoted to rosé.

Audrey Chia
Programme Coordinator

Mother of soups, teas and coloured pens.


Alice Schütt
General Manager

Embargoing coriander since '95.

Divya Samtani
Content & Brand Partnerships

Stealth coding guru and alpha nerd.

Youssef El Kaddioui
Innovation Partner

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.

Maggie Engebretson
Head of events

Mai tais make the world go 'round.

Megan Lauwaiyan
Community Manager

Happiness is the new productivity

Tony Verb

A Hungarian philosopher at heart, spreading the love and wisdom.

Maurice Otieno
General Manager, Nairobi

Strategist obsessed with clear, precise and perfect execution of "plans".

Muthuri Kinyamu
Chief Evangelist, Nairobi

Passionate about people and their stories.

Esther Mwikali
Head of Community and Operations, Nairobi

Emotionally warm human, in search of thrill, in love with food.