Divya Samtani

Content & Brand Partnerships, Mettā Hong Kong

Equally at home in the business, tech and creative worlds, Divya specialises in designing content, building communities, and defying social norms. A global mongrel of sorts, Divya is proud of her Indian and Chinese origins (mostly because of the great food she gets at home) as well as of her geographically ambiguous accent, having grown up in Toronto, London and New York City.

Building a career in marketing and communications, she primarily focused on the financial services and fintech sector, first at a boutique PR agency and later at The Wall Street Journal. After a recent relocation to Hong Kong, Divya took a step and dedicated her time to traveling, exploring, writing - and learning how to code. Now a steadfast champion of the Mettā movement, Divya loves nothing more than to connect like-minded individuals, bring to light important conversations, and continue her never-ending journey as a student of life.

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