Will Ross

Managing Partner, Head of Nest Innovation

Will works to find practical answers to the question: how can an incumbent corporate benefit from helping a startup to grow virally? His quest to do so is a result of a liberal arts geek joining an investment bank, finding he loves it, and going on to enjoy a career balancing transactions and transformations. Joining Nest has enabled him to work with the stakeholders that once were his banking clients on realising the opportunities of the innovation economy. For the public sector, this is the championing of startups as a source of economic diversification and employment opportunities. For the private sector, it ranges from identifying the business models that emerging technologies enable, through to the ever-greater range of media with which to connect with clients.

Prior to joining Nest Will spent some time in Vietnam where he kicked off the IPO process for VietJetAir.com. This followed his time at HSBC where he held senior roles in capital markets, Islamic Finance, and headed the initiative to drive between the cross-sell and investment banks that took HSBC to the top of the high-yield league table in Asia. Prior to moving to Hong Kong from London in 2005 he worked with ABN AMRO, Merrill Lynch and started his career with Nest CEO Lawrence Morgan at JP Morgan. Through this connection he first became involved with Nest as part of the pitch day panel, before joining its advisory board and now the firm itself.

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