William Gertler

Associate & Programmes Lead, Nest Nairobi

Prior to joining Nest, Will worked as an innovation consultant with the Office of the President of Ghana where he co-authored a report focused on enhancing small to medium-sized enterprise development in the country. Additionally, he has interned at the Danish think tank Justitia where he conducted research on free speech in multicultural Western societies. That summer, he also published an internal report detailing the statistical correlation between a country’s form of governance and its United Nations human rights recommendations. During his Junior summer, Will worked as an associate consultant for Investor Group Services (IGS). At IGS, he managed a team of researchers and conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative diligence on prospective private equity investments.

Will has focused much of his academics on African entrepreneurship, development, and colonial history. In addition to completing his general education requirements, he has also taken classes in the focused fields of agriculture and renewable energy.

Will's dream is to have his own successful startup - either in Africa or back home in Boston. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, fly fishing, squash, and food. Nothing is more important to him than his friends and family.

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